Immunophtonics is developing inCVAX, an innovative cancer vaccine
and we want to connect people to this experimental treatment – for free.

OVERARCHING MISSION: It is the duty, purpose and mission of I Can Win, Inc. (I Can Win) to manage, research, and provide modern, practical, less toxic, and more effective treatments for indications with high morbidity that typically require expensive therapies, such as cancer and related diseases, to underprivileged communities that could not normally pay for such treatments, be it locally or internationally.

FOUNDER STATEMENT: We are truly a forward-thinking, value driven, and determined team, and we have seen first-hand the challenges that cancer patients are facing in developing nations. It is our hope that we are given the opportunity to illuminate these unique challenges from a patient access perspective and bring awareness to our innovative and economically sustainable nonprofit model to overcome these challenges. We are eager to engage collaborators that have the common interest of creating value for patients that suffer from this deadly disease. We desire to identify potential partners interested in accelerating our initiatives and supporting the achievement of our objectives.



I Can Win is a registered 501(c)3 which aims to connect experimental treatments to patients in need.
Immunophotonics is the first of many bio-tech partners in this collaborative effort.

What is I Can Win?   How Does InCVAX Work?

Help us create access to clinical trial treatments for individuals with no other options.

We have #EverythingtoGain
and toghether #WeCanWin